Upon This Rock Campaign Goal = $6.225 Million


Campaign News  

Initial Goal Achieved!

We are pleased to announce that as of July 5, 2017, we have reached our initial goal of $6.2 million in gifts and pledges to the campaign! In addition to outstanding parishioner support, we have received a record number of corporate matching gifts and gifts from foundations. This campaign is the largest in our parish’s 91-year history. We could not have achieve these results without so many generous donors.

We will continue to approach foundations and members who have not yet pledged to the campaign. Our goal will be to reduce the total debt required to complete the narthex/gathering space.


Upon This Rock 2020

Launched in January 2019, this campaign seeks to pull in $700,000 in early loan payments before 12/31/2020. With this large, early payment, we will reduce our total payments by $227,000 and reduce our loan period by 26 months. With an accelerated schedule, our plan is to be completely debt free by our 100th parish birthday: November 8, 2025. 

3 Key Components

 Payment of $325,000 in debt from our recent parking lot renovation:

 Many families provided initial financial support for this project in conjunction with Meyer Fest 2014 and the 2015 PTA Auction cash call. We raised $300,000, nearly half the cost of this substantial undertaking. Funds raised as part of this campaign will be used to eliminate the remaining balance of the project cost.

North School Building Renovation – $5.9 million:

 Facilities need to be updated to meet the safety and learning requirements of today’s students. The needs are immediate and cannot be handled through regular operating funds. Your support will provide the features necessary in a modern educational facility while honoring the building’s beloved 1928 charm and character.

Narthex Gathering Space

Upon completion of the debt retirement and school renovation fundraising initiatives (above), St. Peter’s will commence the narthex gathering space.


Capital Campaign Progress Toward Goal