Matching Gifts May Double Your Donation!

According to information found online and in our parish files, many employers offer matching gift programs for either money or volunteer hours donated to a charitable organization, or both. If your company has programs like this, it means your employer values your commitment to charitable organizations.  We encourage you to take advantage of these generous programs. Matching gifts are an excellent way to increase the impact of your gifts to St. Peter’s parish and school.

Some of the best known local employers fall into this category: Hallmark Cards, DST, Sprint, and American Century Investments. These generous employers consider St. Peter’s School* match-eligible for both ordinary and capital donations. Our Social Services ministry is often also match-eligible. Contact your HR representative to inquire about any Matching Gift programs they may have.

It’s important to know if your employer’s program will match donations to a religious organization (our parish) or an educational institution (our school)*, or gifts to social services (our pantry). You may need to do some research on your employer’s particular program.

Click Here to find updated tax ID and accreditation information that may be necessary as you apply for a matching gift.

Contact Gwen Hoefer, Director of Stewardship & Development, if you find you need additional information. Gwen may be reached at (816) 800.0105; or

* Often, companies which will not provide a match for gifts to a religious organization will match gifts to a school, even if it is a Catholic school like ours.