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Special Gifts

Donors often choose to Give St. Peter’s special gifts, either during the current year as a memorial or celebration of a milestone, or to be received at a later date as part of the donor’s estate plan. We appreciate every generous donation and are happy to assist with the necessary paperwork. Please contact, Gwen Hoefer, Director of Stewardship and Development, ghoefer@stpeterskc.org, or (816) 363-2320, ext. 127.

Types of Gifts

  • Liquid assets–cash, check, payable on death bank accounts
  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Charitable IRA Rollover
  • Life Insurance proceeds
  • Real Estate


Gift Designation

There are four possible designations for your special gift: St. Peter’s General Fund, St. Peter’s Parish Endowment Fund, St. Peter’s Endowment Trust Fund For Catholic Education, or Upon This Rock Capital Campaign.

*Current-year gifts to General Fund may be designated specifically for Social Services use

St. Peter’s Parish Endowment

Established in May 2013, the Parish Endowment is a professionally managed portfolio of funds into which donations will be invested. When the Endowment meets the threshold of $400,000, the interest from the corpus will help fund unrestricted needs of the parish, including capital purchases and repairs, school and youth programs, equipment purchases, and more. Endowment principal cannot be used. 

St. Peter’s Endowment Trust Fund for Catholic Education (ETFCE)

The Endowment Trust Fund for Catholic Education helps to ensure the continuity of Catholic education in our diocese. Donations to the EFTCE may be designated for the benefit of St. Peter’s, and the income from that donation is for the use of St. Peter’s School and/or Catholic education at the parish. See more about the ETFCE here.

Does Your Employer Match?

Many employers will match all or a portion of your current-year charitable contribution to St. Peter’s. We can help you find out about your employer.

We’re Here To Help

Gwen Hoefer, Director of Stewardship and Development, is happy to walk you through the donation process and complete the necessary forms. Contact Gwen at ghoefer@stpeterskc.org (816) 363-2320 ext. 127.