STP Reward$ is a fundraising program sponsored by St Peter’s School PTA which offers ANYONE – school family, parishioner, or non-parishioner – the opportunity to purchase gift cards and raise funds for STP Social Services and/or STP General Fund.

School families may also choose to purchase STP Reward$ and earn credit toward their Comprehensive School Fees and/or Before & After School Care Fees. Family and friends can also elect to have their rebate support a school family.

It costs you nothing extra and there is no mandatory minimum required to purchase each year. However, we do need to have you complete an STP Reward$ Program Agreement to indicate your voluntary participation and direct how you wish your funds to be allocated. Sign up for the STP Reward$ program and 97% of the funds you raise will be allocated as you direct – there is a 3% administrative fee per order.  We have several people who purchase gift cards as thank yous, holiday gifts or sales incentives and rewards, so increase your earnings by purchasing for your colleagues as well!

The national program is called SCRIP, but we call it STP Reward$, because it rewards you for purchasing gift cards in advance of when you need them. Find our more about this program and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) here, and you can download the STP Rewards Program Agreement here. STP Reward$ does maintain a small inventory of local vendor cards – i.e. Price Chopper, Brookside Market, Lew’s/The Well, Waldo Pizza, etc. Cards and ScripNow orders can be purchased throughout the school year. Watch the school announcements and the St. Peter’s Facebook page for additional card sale events around the holidays.

Training sessions are available, upon request. You can also learn how to order and some of the tips and tricks to maximize your funds raised and credit earned with this easy PowerPoint.

 How do you get started?  It’s easy!

  1. Complete a STP Reward$ Program Agreement and email to Jennifer Lombardi or Sharma Keeler, or drop it off in the school office.
  2. Create an account on the website using STP ID #L5114L5D12365..
  3. Enroll in PrestoPay. PrestoPay allows you to tie your bank account to your family record so you can pay instantly for plastic cards, ScripNow! e-print cards, and cards.


 How do you purchase STP Reward$ gift cards? That’s easy, too!

  1. Order online at and pay with PrestoPay.
  2.  Place your order online at and print your order form. You can then place the order form and your payment in an envelope and drop it in the office.
  3. Order from your mobile device after downloading the icon for Shop with Scrip site has step-by-step instructions.


 How do I know how much I’ve raised and what credits I’ve earned?

  1. Once you set up your account, you can check your Reward$ balance through the ShopWithScrip website.
  2. Rebates earned are posted twice yearly. Your Sycamore school account statement will reflect those credits.


STP Reward$ Local Merchants
Cosentino Brookside Market 3%
Cosentino Price Chopper 3%
Avenues Bistro: 50%
Charlie Hoppers/The Well/Lew’s: 20%
5B & Co. Candlemakers: 10%
Waldo Pizza : 50%

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