School Board

The school board advises administration on long-range planning, policy development, finances, public relations, evaluation of the administration’s relationship with the board, major curriculum changes, and facilitation of communication among school-related groups. Click here for a listing of School Board members.
Mary Omecene, Principal, (816) 523-4899, #211
Shannon Ortbals, School Board Chair, (816) 298-6652

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

This organization supports activities, events and functions that benefit all students at our school. It promotes open communication between teachers and parents; provides opportunities for students and parents to grow mentally and spiritually; raises needed funds to support school and social activities; acknowledges the accomplishments of our students; recognizes the dedication of our teachers and staff; and involves the surrounding community in the life of our school.
Angie Meyer, Assistant Principal, (816) 523-4899, #215
Julie Keithline, PTA President, (816) 822-8771

Athletic Program

Students in grades 5-8 may participate in basketball, volleyball, and track. Instructional basketball is available to students in grade 4. Soccer is organized through the Brookside Soccer Club and Lacrosse through the Brookside Lacrosse Club . More information available on our School Athletics page.
If you have questions, contact the SPS Athletics Director, Patty O’Connor at

St. Peter's School
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School Phone:  (816) 523-4899
School Fax: (816) 523-1248
Parish Office: (816) 363-2320

St. Peter's School

St. Peter's School 6400 Charlotte Kansas City, MO 64131 (816) 523-4899