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St. Peter’s Catholic School has a long tradition of graduating students who are well prepared to succeed in high school and beyond. We expect our students to work to their full potential, and our teachers support their progress through differentiated learning practices. Out students consistently perform well above average in the classroom and on standardized tests. To see our Class of 2017 Report Card, click here.


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Practice of Our Faith

Our students’ education is founded in our Catholic tradition, and we weave the practice of our faith into each school day. Although students need not be St. Peter’s parishioners or Catholic, all students receive religious education. We start each day with prayer, celebrate weekly all-school Masses, and participate in other worship services. Our students learn to live according to Christ’s teachings in the Gospels.


Students in Food Pantry

Service to Others

There are many opportunities for our students to learn the importance of “serving their neighbor.” They often bring in food items for our parish food pantry to feed our neighbors in need. Classroom projects involve finding ways to live out the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Our 8th graders are required to do at least 15 hours of community service. Students learn that serving others is simply a way of life.


What Makes St. Peter’s Unique?

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Inclusive Education

St. Peter’s is proud to be the flagship Catholic parish in Kansas City to embrace inclusive education. It all started more than 20 years ago, when four of our families who had children with special needs found the support and resources so that their students could attend St. Peter’s School with their siblings and peers. FIRE Foundation was born from this vision, and it has flourished. Now 10 other diocesan grade schools and two high schools are partially funded by FIRE. The flame was ignited in our parish school, and it has been a blessing to us all.


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School Families

“School Family” takes on a whole new meaning at St. Peter’s. Kindergarteners through 8th graders are assigned a “family” with at least one student from each grade. Once a month, these families work on a service project together. They decorate pumpkins for seniors, rake leaves for our neighbors, and surprise homeowners nearby with May Day baskets. Older students learn to mentor and lead, and the younger students appreciate the time and instruction from the “big kids.” We think school families are part of what makes St. Peter’s such a special place.


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Beyond the Classroom

Our school community realizes the importance of offering our students ways to learn, grow, and succeed through activities that challenge them, outside of the classroom. So we advocate for our students’ involvement in extracurricular programs including athletics, band, theater, scouting, and “brain sports” like robotics and coding. These programs build confidence and character and allow students to explore interests which help them become more well-rounded individuals. Volunteer parents and grandparents support these programs, serving as teachers, mentors, and coaches.


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