St. Peter’s offers many ways for you to get involved in parish life. We have divided our ministries into three areas: Communal, Liturgical, and Outreach. If you click on the links you’ll access a listing of all the ministries in each category, as well as a brief description, and whom you should contact, to find our more.

Communal Ministries
St. Peter’s has so many ways for you to get involved in communal ministries! Activities include everything from ongoing committee work to membership in prayer and fellowship organizations. We include parish and school events in our communal ministries, as there are many throughout the year, and they require a lot of enthusiastic effort to be successful. We truly appreciate the help of our event volunteers! These fundraisers are a great way to meet other parishioners and give back your time and talent, whether through volunteering for a single event or helping to organize it. We have an organization, committee, or event for you, no matter what your age or interests are. Click here for more information about volunteering for a prayer group, parish service organization, or to learn more about our events.

Liturgical Ministries
Our liturgical ministries involve sharing your gifts in our worship and parish services. Our Liturgist and Music Director, James Wagner, leads most of these ministries. He invites you to contact him if you enjoy participating in one or more of the many opportunities centered around the practice of our Catholic faith. Click here to find the list of ways to volunteer in our liturgy and celebration of the Mass.

Outreach Ministries
St. Peter’s is active not only in our communal and liturgical ministries, but we’ve made a significant commitment to serve those in our greater community. Our Social Services ministries offer so many ways to help our neighbors in need. We also support university students from our sister parish, San Francisco de Asis. Click here to find out more about our ministry in El Salvador or to find ways to reach beyond our church to share our blessings and work with those who live, work, and go to school close to our parish.

Ministry Schedules
James Wagner, our Liturgist and Music Director, oversees the scheduling of Altar Servers, Usher/Greeters, Lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers. If you volunteer for any of these ministries, you can find your schedule for this month here.

Music Website (for Choirs and Musicians)
Music Director, James Wagner, has set up a website page that allows choir members to download music and link to video and audio recordings of the music the choir is preparing for our liturgies. Click here to access this website. Since some of the material is copyrighted, so if you are a member of the choir and need access to these resources, you made need the login and password information. Contact James at and he will assist you.