What is Cranksgiving?

Cranksgiving is a food drive on two wheels. There are very few rules: 1) Get food, 2) Do it on a bike. Cyclists ride their bikes throughout the area purchasing needed groceries for the St. Peter’s Social Services Food Pantry, either individually or as part of a team. While many Cranksgiving events are a traditional “alleycat” competition where speed is crucial, the Kansas City event has grown into a superhuman effort where we celebrate all participants, and we honor the heaviest load as well as the fastest man and woman. We have a fun kids division too! See all the details below!

Riders check in at noon and take off at 12:30. When you check in, you are given a manifest that lists participating stores as well as recommended non-perishable groceries. Methods of carrying groceries vary from messenger bags and backpacks to baskets, panniers and even cargo trailers. Once the riders return, their “haul” is officially weighed in and riders are rewarded with a “beer & chili feed” party in the gym with music and door prizes. 

There is no entry fee; the only cost is whatever participants want to spend to load up on donations. The manifest includes a list of recommended items, but we appreciate any non-perishable groceries. You can enter one of our competition categories or just ride for fun.

It all happens here at St. Peter’s!

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Cranksgiving KC 2018

Cranksgiving is a Food Drive

on 2 Wheels

 Be A Part Of The Largest Cranksgiving Event In The Nation with over 10,000 lbs of food collected in 2017.
Ride solo or in teams of up to 8. Compete for heaviest load, fastest times, best dressed, or just ride for fun!

Saturday, November 17
Ride 12:30-3 pm                Party 3-6 pm

Music, Prizes, Chili & BEER in the Gym afterwards

  St. Peter’s Parish
815 E. Meyer Blvd. KCMO 64113

Cranksgiving Kidz 2018

Part Food Drive

Part Scavenger Hunt

Our 4th Annual Kidz Event !

Calling all kids!

Put together a team (with an adult sponsor) Grab your bikes or scooters, pull your wagons or hop in the minivan
with a list of items to gather and clues to solve.
Prizes awarded! Free Lunch provided!

Saturday, November 17, 11 am

St. Peter’s Parish 
815 E. Meyer Blvd. KCMO 64113

2018 Cranksgiving Competition Categories

Fastest Shopper–Man
Must present items and receipts from all 10 check points and announce yourself at FINISH

Fastest Shopper–Woman
Must present items and receipts from all 10 check points and announce yourself at FINISH

Heaviest Load–Single Shopper Man in a single bike trip

Heaviest Load–Single Shopper Woman in a single bike trip

Heaviest Load–Team of 8 MAX in a single bike trip

Cranksgiving Just for Fun Categories
Best Dressed Shopper – Man
Best Dressed Shopper – Woman
Coolest bike or trailer


Or just ride for fun–bring 10 or more items from the manifest and the party !!!

Be a Volunteer!

If you don’t ride but want to be involved, volunteer to help with the event.

It’s a lot of fun, and we can’t pull it off without your help.

The Story Behind Cranksgiving

Cranksgiving started in New York 1999 with bicycle messengers. Understand that all bicycle messengers are nuts. They race around town weaving in and out of busy traffic, ignoring traffic signals and all other rules of the road. One of them decided that would be a fun way to collect food for the hungry and homeless.

Word spread and in 2005 Kansas City held it’s first Cranksgiving event. Cranksgiving KC gets bigger and better every year, and helps so many people in our community who are served by St. Peter’s Food Pantry. Now get on your bikes and ride!

Have fun and be safe!