Food Drive This Week Jan. 27-31

Catholic Schools Week Food Pantry Drive! Al donations are appreciated; here are the most needed items, with suggestions by grade level:
ECLC—Saltines & Snack Crackers, Kindergarten—Mac-N-Cheese, First Grade—Mac-N-Cheese, Second Grade—Mac-N-Cheese, Third Grade—Men’s & Women’s Deodorant and/or Bar Soap, Fourth Grade–Men’s & Women’s Deodorant and/or Bar Soap, Fifth Grade—Breakfast Cereal, Sixth Grade—Breakfast Cereal, Seventh Grade—Jelly, Eighth Grade—Jelly.


St. Peter’s and SW Pod Schools will be closed today, Friday, January 24, due to inclement weather and hazardous road conditions. Science Fair will be postponed and updates with details will be emailed. Stay safe and warm!