Food Pantry Donations This Summer

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Social Services program over the past several months. Your generous support is making a difference for people in need. Another curbside food drive will be held later in the summer. Until then, if you have items you wish to donate to the food pantry, you can email or call Mark Hague (816-877-0300) to arrange a drop-off. Drop-offs are scheduled on Thursdays from 11:00 to 2:00. Donations of gift cards or cash/check can be delivered at any time by dropping an envelope in the mail slot at the back door of the Legacy Center, at the southwest corner of the building. Many thanks again for your giving spirit!

Dynamic Parish At Home Activity: The Sunday Experience

For many weeks you experienced Mass from home, and now many of you are venturing back to church. This week, whether you’re still watching on video, or are back in church for live Mass, we’d like to invite you to enrich your Sunday experience with the Dynamic Parish “At-Home Activity”. Visit and download the Sunday Plan template that corresponds with your situation, either celebrating Mass at home or in church. On the Sunday Plan, you’ll see three different categories: Preparation (before Mass), Participation (during Mass), and Reflection (after Mass). Each of the three categories will have a few suggestions of things to do during that period of time, to make your entire Sunday experience more powerful. Read through the suggestions and select one from each category to commit to. Give it a try and see what surprising things can happen if you truly make yourself available to God.

Order School Supplies for 2020-21

Once again, our PTA is working with Supply Solutions KC to offer parents an opportunity to purchase supplies online (we will send school supply lists soon for those who prefer to purchase independently) – these supplies will be delivered directly to St. Peter’s School in August and ready for your children in their respective homerooms. To view the options, click here.
Please note the following:
  • Headphones are an optional purchase.
  • Families will still need to purchase backpack and St. Peter’s pencil bag (for 1st-8th graders; many students are able to reuse from the previous year – these will be available at Packet Day in August).
  • Paint shirts for art are NOT included in pre-packaged supplies.
  • Kleenex/Tissues, Clorox Wipes, hand sanitizer, and paper towels will need to be purchased separately this year due to high demand and COVID-19 shortages. We encourage you to purchase these supplies as you find them available.
  • The deadline to order is June 30.