St. Peter’s Parish Map

Catholic parishes in Kansas City are each designated specific boundaries by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. These boundaries help us to serve the clients with our Social Services ministry. The parish map also helps people moving into the community determine which parish is close to their home. These boundaries are not meant to create restrictions, but rather give Catholics and community members a sense of the geography we hope to serve.

Here is a map of St. Peter’s Parish, which extends from Wornall Road (on the west) to Prospect Ave. (on the east) and 59th Street (on the north) to basically Gregory Blvd. (on the south). We are located in the heart of a diverse neighborhood. An important initiative of our parish is to focus on getting to know our neighbors, by building connections and community. As part of our relationship building, we are advocating for much-needed senior housing within a mile of the parish. We are also finding ways to connect with Seniors and Youth. To learn more, click on the Outreach Ministries on our website. St. Peter’s has been blessed with these new friendships!