Parish Council

St. Peter’s Parish Council fulfills the need for a permanent leadership body to act as an advisory board to the pastor as well as to lead the parish in forming policy, strategic planning, and directing and coordinating efforts to realize the parish mission.

In addition to the pastor, the council includes nine parishioners discerned by members of the previous council and parishioners at-large. The Parish Council meets monthly and deliberates on issues of parish-wide concern, arriving at decisions by consensus. Members and applicants for membership should be active in the parish, regularly attend Mass and parish events, and be willing to commit to a three-year term.

Guiding Principles

In fulfilling its mission on behalf of the parish, the Parish Council established the following guiding principles:

  • In light of the gospel call to justice, we will promote positive social change within our city as well as extending it to the larger world faith community.
  • We will listen to and respect the views of all parishioners.
  • We will be open in our activities. All parishioners are entitled to know of the council’s proceedings as well as any information in the council’s possession.
  • We will ask the question, “Is it good for the children?” on all appropriate issues, joining many local organizations and the Partnership for Children in focusing on the future and well being of our youth.
  • We will engage in prayerful decision making and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all of our deliberations.
  • We will be mindful of the values expressed in the Gospel, seeking wisdom in the words and life of Christ.
  • We will acknowledge and support St. Peter’s role in the local community as a foundation for the neighborhood.
  • We will practice responsible stewardship by making decisions that insure the long-term spiritual and financial health of the parish.


St. Peter’s Parish Council Members

Brian Reardon, President (816) 304-4463
Jason Scheiderer, Past President, (816) 769-0622
Laura Swaters, (816) 806-1266
Maria Gillcrist, (816) 868-5318
Jennifer Marnell, (816) 729-3412
Lynne Madeo, (816) 523-2049
Jim Caccamo, (816) 333-8395
Garrett Forck, (573) 821-3744
Tracey Golden, (816) 516-0956
Pete Hutchison, (816) 665-0334

Parish Council Application
Parish Council Meeting Minutes