St. Peter’s Parish sets as its vision: to be a welcoming parish, a catalyst for spiritual formation, the living word for the community, and an advocate for those in need.
Because your generous gifts support all our parish ministries, we are able to accomplish many things, great and small. We touch families and individuals, members and non-members alike. Through your generous support of all St. Peter’s ministries, your hands anoint, comfort, harvest, serve, sustain, celebrate, and pray.

As you consider making a special gift to St. Peter’s, please consider:
1. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, click here to search the list of participating employers.
2. Bequests: Charitable bequests are gifts made through your will or living trust to charity. A bequest can be a wonderful opportunity to support the work of St. Peter’s parish and school, while still having full access to your assets during your lifetime. Your bequest becomes a living legacy of your compassion and concern for the future of our parish community. The exact language you use in your legal document is important. If you are considering naming St. Peter’s parish in your will or living trust, please use the following language:
“St. Peter’s Parish, located at 815 E. Meyer Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64131”

Contact Karen Conley in the development office for specific information on DST, Hallmark, Sprint and American Century. Karen may be reached at 815-363-7051, ext. 127 or at


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