St. Peter’s Parish
Changing Hearts and Minds – Our Conversion to Stewardship

As a member of our parish, you can be an example of stewardship. You are called to use the gifts God has given you to help make St. Peter’s a welcoming and vibrant parish.  In so many ways, St. Peter’s Parish is already practicing stewardship.  Support of our outstanding Catholic school, the assistance with Southwest High School, our community garden and social services program, meals to those that are sick….these are just a few examples of what we do…. but we can do more and we can be even stronger than we are now.

What is Stewardship?

  • GRATITUDE: Stewardship is having the wisdom to understand that everything we have is a gift from God of which we are to be the absolute best caretakers.
  • LIFESTYLE: Stewardship is a way of life, honoring God in everything we do with all His gifts.  Living life God-centered rather than self-centered – thinking of Him first before our own wants.
  • LOVE: Stewardship is having the heart to give back out of love a portion of every gift that has been entrusted to us by God.
  • FAITH: Stewardship is a life- long faith journey that brings us ever closer to Jesus Christ; following the path He so perfectly laid out for us through His life example.
  • REWARDING: Stewardship is life altering and its rewards last an eternity.

Through the web pages that follow you can learn about opportunities to give of your time, talent and treasure.  We urge you to become a generous steward of your gifts here at St. Peter’s.


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