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Encourage your students to dive into these study resources below. They’ll find some are really fun, and parents really appreciate that these exercises help children become more proficient in math, reading, and other fundamental skills. Students can gain a lot of confidence and enjoy learning through these online tools. Parents just might enjoy going through the programs with their children, too.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Children in grades 1-6 currently utilize AR as part of our language arts curriculum. Most students are challenged with a target number of AR points to achieve per quarter. Books that are part of the program are assigned a point value based on the book length and the difficulty of its content. Students accumulate points by successfully completing a quiz about that book.

  • Use the AR BookFinder to determine whether or not an Accelerated Reader quiz is available for a title (which indicates the title is part of the AR Program).
  • Access AR Home Connect with your child’s login and password, to view your child’s progress in Accelerated Reader.

Study Links

Updated 6/2/2015

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