St. Peter’s School Board

The school board is an advisory board whose purpose is to formulate and enact policy, set long-term goals for the school, provide general oversight on the financial health of the school, and provide advice and counsel to the administration of the school.

2017-2018 School Board Members:

Shannon Ortbals, President,
Jennifer Hair,
Jason Mudd,
Amy Hiles,
Jennifer Landes,
Shannon Margherio,
Andrea Ways Newman,
Brad Spitz,
Kate Migneron,

Mary Omecene, Principal,

Each new member serves a 3-year term. Applications for School Board members are usually requested in the spring with a deadline for submission of April 30th, although this timeline can vary. Those interested in being considered for the school board should submit a completed application form. Application forms,which contain detailed information about the selection process and the characteristics of effective school board members, can be found here. Each candidate will be called to confirm that the application has been received and to answer any questions. Please contact the School Board President for more information.

School Board Newsletters

If you want to hear about what’s been going on recently in our school, download our School Board Newsletters, published three times during the school year! You’ll see 3 months of school happenings condensed into four pages.

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