St. Peter’s School was established in 1929, and graduated it’s first class in 1932.

We are Distinctly Catholic

St. Peter’s School has at the heart of its mission a desire to bring all children to a deeper knowledge and love of God. We partner with parents, every child’s first educator, to provide students a foundation rooted in Catholic faith and values. During the last school year, all students actively participated in a variety of daily prayer experiences, attended weekly liturgy and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and recited the Rosary in devotion to our Blessed Mother. Fifty-two second graders received the sacrament of First Reconciliation in November and came to the table for their First Eucharist in May. As a school, St. Peter’s students generously gave of their time and talent by performing over 2,000 hours of service through projects such as raking leaves for our neighbors,
making and delivering May baskets to parish seniors, collecting donations for our parish food pantry, and responding to needs of the greater community.

We are Academically Excellent

Class of 2013 Report Card:

  •  Number of Service Hours Performed by the Class of 2013 = 1,510  Class Composite Percentile Rank on 2013 Iowa Test of Basic Skills = 97% (Ranking among the highest in the nation.)
  • Number of Students Qualifying for the Duke University Talent
  • Identification Program (TIP) = 43 (62% of the Class of 2013)
  • Number of Students who took either ACT or SAT (through TIP) = 24
  • Number of Students who qualified for TIP State Recognition = 15
  • Number of Students who qualified for TIP Grand Recognition = 1
  • Number of High School Scholarships Awarded = 30
  • Number of Students Receiving Scholarships = 21
  • Total Amount of Scholarships = $19,200 (some also renewable)
  • 3 students scored 99 on the High School Placement Test (HSPT) at their
    respective high schools
  • 1 student scored 98 on HSPT; 1 student scored 97; 3 students scored 96
  • 10 students scored between 90-99 on the HSPT
  • 37% of the Class of 2013 scored 85 and above on the HSPT
  • 85% of the class on the Honor Roll
  • 10 students earned Class Honors/Final Grade (straight As)
  • 13 students earned First Honors/Final Grade (all As, 1 B)

     In addition, 21 students from the Class of 2013 and 2014 received Gold Ribbons in the 62nd Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair. 3 of those went on to garner First Place Academic Grand Awards. Another 4 students had projects receiving Silver Ribbon honors.


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