Here’s How You Can Ride Your Bike and Give Back This Thanksgiving

What is Cranksgiving?

What do you get when you combine a bike ride with a Thanksgiving food drive? You get Cranksgiving, a Thanksgiving volunteer opportunity that pays off big for the holiday season.There are very few rules: get food and do it on a bike. You can ride just for fun–just bring in 10 or more items on the manifest–or compete in one of the categories listed below.

As we gather with our families and consume massive amounts of food each November, it’s also important to keep in mind those who aren’t so fortunate. And while your first thought might be to take the more traditional route and spend time helping at a soup kitchen come turkey day, the truth is that many of these events get overcrowded with volunteers during the holidays. Why not give back by participating in CranksgivingKC here at St. Peter’s Church instead? It doesn’t matter if you ride a fixed gear, a fancy road bike, or a unicycle (impressive!), because it’s all about doing something good for your community — and having a ridiculous amount of fun at the same time. Enjoy the ride!

Cranksgiving KC 2017

Cranksgiving is a Food Drive on 2 Wheels with 2 Rules:

“Get Food & Do It On A Bike”

Make Plans Now to Be A Part Of The Largest Cranksgiving Event In The Nation with almost 8,000 lbs of food collected in 2016.
Ride solo or in teams of up to 8. Compete for heaviest load, fastest times, silliest costume, or just ride for fun!

Saturday, November 18
Ride 12-3 pm                Party 3-6 pm

Live Music, Prizes, Chili & BEER in the Gym afterwards

  St. Peter’s Catholic Church
815 E. Meyer Blvd. KCMO 64113

Cranksgiving Kidz 2017

Part Food Drive

Part Scavenger Hunt

Our 3rd Annual Kidz Event !

Calling all kids!

Put together a team (with an adult sponsor) Grab your bikes, or pull your wagons or hop in the minivan
with a list of items to gather and clues to solve.

Prizes awarded for the Heaviest Haul, Silliest Costumes, Most Points Earned
Free Lunch provided

Saturday, November 18, 12-3 pm

St. Peter’s Catholic Church
815 E. Meyer Blvd. KCMO 64113

2017 Cranksgiving Competition Categories

Fastest Shopper–Man
Must present items and receipts from all 10 check points and announce yourself at FINISH

Fastest Shopper–Woman
Must present items and receipts from all 10 check points and announce yourself at FINISH

Heaviest Load–Single Shopper Man in a single bike trip

Heaviest Load–Single Shopper Woman in a single bike trip

Heaviest Load–Team of 8 MAX in a single bike trip

Cranksgiving Just for Fun Categories
Best Dressed Shopper – Man
Best Dressed Shopper – Woman
Coolest bike or trailer


Or just ride for fun–bring 10 or more items from the manifest and enjoy music and chili !!!

Be a Volunteer!

If you don’t ride but want to be involved, volunteer to help with the event.

It’s a lot of fun, and we can’t pull it off without your help.

The Story Behind Cranksgiving

Cranksgiving started in New York 1999 with bicycle messengers. Understand that all bicycle messengers are nuts. They race around town weaving in and out of busy traffic, ignoring traffic signals and all other rules of the road. One of them decided that would be a fun way to collect food for the hungry and homeless.

Word spread and in 2005 Kansas City held it’s first Cranksgiving event, and over the years it has grown into a huge event and party. For some reason, KC cyclists aren’t into speed as much as they’re into hauling heavy loads. I don’t know if it’s a Midwest thing, but our event here has adopted the motto, “In Kansas City, we celebrate the heaviest load.” So ride around the town as fast as you like, but come to Cranksgiving in KC and don’t be surprised if some cyclist pulling a trailer full of canned vegetables rolls over your toes.