Are Our Records Correct?

Are our records correct? It’s time for us to update our database for the annual Guide Book & Directory with any changes, additions, or deletions that may have occurred in your family over the past year. Addresses, phone numbers, emails–please help us stay in touch with you! Call the parish office at 816.363.2320 with updates, or email parish secretary Mary Pfeifer.

Food Drive, Week of Mar. 19

Please help us restock the Food Pantry shelves. Our greatest needs, with grade level suggestions for school families, are: ECLC-Crackers; Kindergarten-Canned Meals; First Grade-Jelly; Second Grade-Cereal; Third Grade-Pasta Sauce; Fourth Grade-Canned Meats; Fifth Grade-Cereal; Sixth Grade-Peanut Butter; Seventh Grade-Canned Fruits; Eighth Grade-Canned Meats.

Blood Drive Monday, Mar. 18

St. Peter’s next blood drive is Monday, March 18, 2-7 pm in the church basement. You can make an appointment using sponsor code stpeterskc at, or contact Dan Needham at or 816.877.0300 for assistance. Walk-ins are also welcome.