Savers Drive This Weekend at St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s Venture Scouts, a co-ed teen scouting group, will collect donations for Savers Thrift Store this weekend in the Legacy Center parking lot. Hours are Saturday, 9am-2pm, and Sunday, 12pm-3pm. This is a fundraiser for the group, which receives money back based on the weight of donations. Click here for details, including a list of acceptable items. No furniture, please. Questions? Contact Julie Lisac at 816.547.6890 or

Food Drive, Week of Mar. 19

Please help us restock the Food Pantry shelves. Our greatest needs, with grade level suggestions for school families, are: ECLC-Crackers; Kindergarten-Canned Meals; First Grade-Jelly; Second Grade-Cereal; Third Grade-Pasta Sauce; Fourth Grade-Canned Meats; Fifth Grade-Cereal; Sixth Grade-Peanut Butter; Seventh Grade-Canned Fruits; Eighth Grade-Canned Meats.