Cranksgiving KC & Kidz Cranksgiving Coming November 19th

CranksgivingThere are two rules to Cranksgiving:
1. Get food
2. Do it on a bike.

It’s a food drive on 2 wheels, with all food collected going to St. Peter’s Food Pantry. Part bike ride, part food drive, part scavenger hunt, and all fun. Adult and kids divisions.

Click here for more information or check out the Facebook page Cranksgiving KC.

Kidz Cranksgiving riders must submit Registration and Parental Permission Form to Dan Needham by Wednesday, November 16. Want to help with the event? Volunteer here.

Capital Campaign Kicks Off This Weekend

CampaignLogoThis weekend at all Masses we will officially kick off our Capital Campaign, Upon This Rock. Father Steve will present the plans at Mass, and campaign volunteers will be available at a reception following each Mass to answer questions. Please plan to come hear about the exciting changes ahead. Early next week all parishioners and school parents will receive in the mail our campaign brochure as well as a letter from Father Steve regarding campaign pledges.

Clip Box Tops for St. Peter’s School

If you’ve been clipping Box Tops (we hope you have), please feel free to send what you have accumulated to the school office, as BT counters will soon be taking inventory and sending them in for our first collection of the year! Do you have grandparents, aunts and uncles, or neighbors who don’t have students in school? If so, you might ask them to save Box Tops for St. Peter’s School, too! They add up and benefit our school and students!

Box Tops for Education has also a new app—for more information, please follow this link:

Thursday’s Mass Honored Our Dear Friend Sally Euston

sept_8_2016_pdf__page_2_of_2_This morning we celebrated a really beautiful Mass, not only in honor of the Blessed Mother, but also our dear friend Sally Euston. Students were invited by eighth grader Molly Hirner to share a special memory of Mrs. Euston, and Fr. Steve’s homily connected not only our love for Mary as our Model Mother but also of Mrs. Euston as a model for lifting others up. I hope your children may be able to share special memories of Sally with you, as well. The following are excerpts from both my introduction to Mass, as well as Mrs. Omecene’s concluding remarks:

Introduction—Mrs. Euston was an extra-special person, and we know that for many of you, it was difficult to imagine St. Peter’s School without her. We know that Mrs. Euston exemplified what it means to live like Jesus and to live life fully, a lot like her nephew Brian, whom we remembered just two weeks ago when we celebrated the Life Live with an Exclamation Point! Award. Like all of you students, Mrs. Euston’s five children attended St. Peter’s School—her daughters, Maggie and Molly, and two of her sons, Timmy and Terry, as well as her son-in- law Daniel and other friends and family are here with us this morning to celebrate Mrs. Euston’s beautiful life. We know that like us, they miss Mrs. Euston dearly and deeply. However, as Catholics and Christians, we know that the ties of family, friendship, and community, which knit us together throughout our lives, do not unravel with death.

We are so very lucky that Mrs. Euston found St. Peter’s a place to call home, a place where she could share the many gifts God gave her…a welcoming, friendly smile; a fabulous sense of humor and fondness for fun; the ability to answer doorbells, phone, and parents or students at her counter in the office (often all at the same time!); a listening ear; a heart of gold…Sally—St. Peter’s is a better place because you were here.
Bless you for your 27 years of service to St. Peter’s and the countless children, parents, teachers, staff, and principals you helped along the way. Bless you for allowing us to see the light of Christ in your smile. Bless you for allowing us to hear God’s voice in your daily prayers and morning announcements. Bless you for teaching us to be kind and helpful, inclusive and loving. Bless you for your generosity and compassion, for your culinary talents and hospitality…and as one of our students said best, Bless you “for being a friend to everyone.” We love you, and we miss you.

Conclusion—While Mary is Mother of us all, Sally was a mother to all of us. She loved you all and she loved St. Peter’s. It was something she reminded Mrs. Meyer and me of every day. Living Like Jesus and Making a Difference was the way of Mrs. Euston. She was good to everyone and treated people well, even when she might not feel like it. She loved our Life Goal Pledge for that reason. She never wanted attention for that, she just liked to do good for others. She was courageous, strong, and accepting. She is our special angel with her Irish eyes always smiling down on us. How many schools can say they have an angel like that? I believe her message to us would be to always live your faith, always love your family, and always live like Jesus.