Altar Society

St. Peter’s Altar and Rosary Society welcomes all women of the parish to join us in our ministry of service. Some of the things that the group does for the church include: care of the altar linens, cleaning the church, participating in the annual shoebox shower for local women’s shelters, organizing a day of prayer, serving as funeral guards, embroidering baby Baptismal garments, participating in the parish October Rosaries, and supporting each other through various prayer groups.

Mission Statement: It is the mission of St. Peter’s Altar and Rosary Society to promote the spiritual life of the women of St. Peter’s Parish, to promote true Christian charity, the love of God, our neighbor, and Christian family life, to foster love for the house of God and to labor for its care and adornment.

President: Mary Buren 816-822-8085,
1st Vice President: Mary Kennedy 816-363-7065
2nd Vice President: Bebe Wirkus 816-363-8127,
Secretary: Jeanette Boeh 816-523-2536,
Treasurer: Mary Kay Heili 822-7278,
Auditor: Mary Kay VandenBoom 816-333-5709,

Altar Society Bylaw Updated July 2008

Linen Schedule

Cleaning Schedule


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