Strategic Plan Initiatives

In 2011, St. Peter’s Parish undertook an effort to ascertain the short term and long term needs of the parish and school. Questionnaires, listening sessions, forums, feedback meeting, and countless hours of volunteers’ hours went into this process. The planning lead to five areas of focus which are clear priorities for St. Peter’s Parish and School. The are:

Spiritual Formation
Financial Stability
Communications & Marketing
Evangelization & Community Outreach
Parish Life

Committees have been formed and leadership has been chosen to bring these initiatives to fruition. There are links on this page to summaries and plans that are subsequent to this Strategic Plan, which was designed to address the needs of our ministries, parishioners, and our greater community for the next 5-10 years.

For a summary of the Strategic Plan created at the conclusion of the 2011 study, click here.

Adult Faith Formation

A committee was formed and meets monthly to discuss opportunities the parish can take advantage, to deepen the faith and spiritual life of our members. The largest success that has come from this work is the integration of Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP), a spiritual renewal weekend retreat, into our community. CRHP retreats are held with all-men and all-women groups twice a year. Attendees from the previous retreat put on the weekend for the group that follows them, inviting 15-25 to attend a 30-hour weekend retreat on the parish campus.

In addition to CRHP, the Adult Faith Formation committee has hosted Ignatian Spirituality discussions, invited guest speakers, and hosted parishioners who have shared how witnessing or practicing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy have positively impacted their lives. This fall, they will be hosting a Parish Mission. More information can be found here.

Financial Stability

St. Peter’s recently paid off all debt owed to the diocese. We’re making changes in many areas to both cut expenses and improve cash flow. LED lighting has been installed throughout the campus and solar panels have been installed on our roofs, giving us significant cost savings on our energy bills. School families now pay all fees through automatic withdrawal, and more parishioners have signed up to have their tithe taken out of their checking or savings accounts automatically. Our parish Finance Committee meets monthly to discuss the operating budget and looks for both short-term and long-term opportunities to strengthen the parish’s financial position. Our St. Peter’s Annual Reports can be downloaded here, for further details.

Communications & Marketing

The Strategic Plan called for the hiring of a Communications Director to oversee the communications of the parish and to assist with marketing St. Peter’s School. One of the first projects was the development of a new logo, and efforts to integrate parish and school identities. We’ve expanded the use of social media, online volunteer platforms, e-blasts, website, and printed collateral to better communicate not only with our parishioners, but with alumni, neighbors, area businesses, and those in the greater community.

Parish leadership and our event chairs have made a concerted effort to invite our entire parish family to collaborate, fundraise, and have fun together. They have also been more strategic in their approach with supporters and donors, which has been beneficial. Events like Wurst Fest and Meyer Fest have brought many parish demographics together and invited our greater community to enjoy the festivities. Parish communications support these community-building endeavors, as well as those of the Faith Formation, Outreach, and Campus Master Plan, and Finance committees.

Evangelization & Outreach

From the time Fr. Steve first arrived as our pastor in 2009, he has been passionate about St. Peter’s reaching out to our neighbors, especially those on the eastern side of our parish boundaries. Our parish extends from 59th Street to Gregory Blvd., and from Wornall Rd. to Prospect Ave., yet most of our parishioners live west of Troost Ave. Parishioners have recognized that finding ways to make connections and build community is worthwhile, and several individuals who share Fr. Steve’s passion for this work have been finding ways to partner with other organizations and individuals.

A relatively new committee called St. Peter’s Urban Village Council is focusing on three areas, including Seniors, Housing, and Youth. To find out more about Urban Village, click here.

Parish Life (Campus Master Plan)

Legacy Center Parking Lot Rendering-DaytimeThe extensive study that was done on our facilities, grounds, and campus revealed significant needs that the parish has to address. It was apparent that we needed to create a safer drop-off solution on Meyer Blvd. for our students. This summer, the Legacy Center parking lot was renovated with an off-street drive for safer drop-off. The renovation will also include a new pergola that will help create more continuity between our campus buildings. New landscaping will also greatly improve the aesthetics of the north side of our campus. To the right is a rendering of the renovation, scheduled to be concluded before in September 2016-2017.

Rendering of potential St. Peter's narthexAnother significant priority is the renovation of our north school building. The stone building facing Meyer Blvd. first opened its doors to St. Peter’s school children in 1929. The building is in dire need of renovation. Complete HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring, retrofitting for water sprinklers for fire safety, and many more projects have become necessary to maintain a safe, comfortable environment for our 550 students. We have undergone a feasibility study to determine the extent of the project and the ability to raise the funds for this major capital project. If we can raise the funds, we also could fulfill the need for a narthex or gathering space on the east side of the church, where part of the courtyard between church and school currently are located. (Above is a rendering of what the view of the narthex from Meyer Blvd. could potentially look like.)

You can download the questionnaire here that was distributed, collected, considered, and analyzed before plans were formed for the Campus Master Plan. For a summary of the Campus Master Plan and the initiatives that are our priorities in the next few years, click here. Please note that budgets have been revised and aligned with the scope of work, as the plans were more fully defined.

Since embarking on the Campus Master Plan, we have actually taken care of a few of the priorities, including the need for an elevator in our south school building, a new monument sign identifying our parish as the campus is approached from the east, as well as a new stone monument sign at the corner of 65th Street & Charlotte, near our south approach to the school entrance. Earlier this summer, we also completed a project to make the west church entrance under the portico ADA accessible, eliminating the stairs and pouring a concrete driveway and curbs. Through strategic planning and budgeting, we have been able to complete many of the projects before initiating our capital campaign.

The next steps are to renovate the north school building and create a narthex on the northwest side of the church, adjacent to the north school building. The space will be useful to parishioners and guests, and will accommodate teachers and full grades, or three-classroom assemblies.

St. Peter will proceed with any/all of the pending projects when we are assured the parish can raise the funds and meet the budgets for the needed construction.